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Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), also known as MPEG-2 Part 7, and also MPEG-4 Part 3 in a slightly modified form, is a digital audio encoding and lossy compression format.

AAC was declared an international standard by The Moving Picture Experts Group MPEG group by the end of April 1997. It was developed with contributions by Dolby, Fraunhofer (FhG), AT&T, Sony and Nokia.

AAC was designed as an improved-performance codec relative to MP3 (which was specified in MPEG-1) and MPEG-2 Part 3 (which is also known as "MPEG-2 Audio" or International Organization for Standardization / International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC 13818-3).

AAC was promoted as the successor to MP3 for audio coding at medium to high bit rates, though has yet to overtake the MP3 format or Microsoft's rival WMA format in terms of popularity or availability within the portable audio devices market.

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