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Upon the system starting up, none of your recording drives are even found

This is a problem that can occur from several issues, revolving around the GEARAspi.dll file.

The majority of the time this error is caused by either:

  • Installing a newer version of GEAR over a much older version, without first uninstalling.


  • Running a registry cleaning tool, that removes or "Repairs" the keys associated with GEARAspi.dll

Registry cleaner software is a powerful tool, but due to the sheer volume of different programs, one must be aware of the keys or registry entries that a user is allowing such a program to manipulate or delete.

At this point once the GEARAspi drivers have been altered or damaged in this way the solution is to perform a Manual Un-install of the GEAR drivers.

After the drivers have been removed, simply re-install GEAR.

NOTE: Be very careful not to allow any registry software to remove or alter the GEARAspi drivers again, or you will be faced with the same errors, and have to run through this same procedure.

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