Combining audio and data on one CD

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There are a couple of ways audio and data can be combined on one disc.

  1. Mixed Mode CD
  2. CD Extra or CD Plus disc (aka Enhanced CD)

On a Mixed Mode disc, the first track contains data, while the second and subsequent tracks (up to 98) contain audio. The data track can either be a Mode 1 (ISO) or a Mode 2 (XA) track.

Most audio CD players will only look at the first track of a disc when trying to play it. A consequence of this is that most cd players are unable to access and play the audio tracks on a mixed mode disc.

CD Extra discs contain 2 sessions. The first session contains up to 98 audio tracks, while the second session contains one Mode 2 (XA) data track.

Because the first track on the disc is an audio track, most cd players will be able to play the audio tracks on a CD Extra disc.

When inserting a CD Extra disc in a CD ROM drive, the data track is accessed.

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