Creating Multi-Session Discs (CLI)

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With GEAR you can append additional data in the form of a new session to an existing disc, so long as that disc was previously recorded in a multi-session mode. This chapter contains information on creating and appending to multi-session discs, it contains the following sections:

Creating a Multi-Session Disc Appending to a Multi-Session Disc Creating a Multi-Session Disc To create a multi-session disc for the first session, simply create your disc image as normal. Then before recording to CD-R check your settings with the getcdrparms command and make sure that the following settings are activated:

Track-at-once: on Fixation: on Multisession: on

After verifying these settings, record your image as normal with the writecd command.

Appending to a Multi-Session Disc When appending to multi-session discs, it is necessary to allocate approximately 15 MB of additional disc space for each append session you conduct to account for generating a new TOC and other administrative files. Keep this fact in mind if you are planning to conduct multiple append sessions to the same disc. Appending to multi-session discs allows you to add data to existing discs or create CD Plus and CD Enhanced formatted discs. When appending to a multi-session disc, GEAR will create a new virtual image which encompasses the existing data on the disc, and the data you are adding with the present recording session. This new image will have the same name as the session it is based upon. To create a new GEAR volume for appending to an existing multi-session disc, enter:


indicates an existing session on the multi-session disc that you want to append to.

Unless a specific session is specified above, GEAR will default to the last session on the disc as the session to append to. Please refer to the description of the SESSION command in the GEAR command reference chapter, for more information on the options that can be used with the SESSION command.

After entering the above command, GEAR will read the selected session on your disc and creates an image that integrates it's structure with the contents of the new session you are appending. Once this new virtual image has been created, it may be edited like any other image.

GEAR lets you append data to a disc beginning with any session you select. This lets you restore data from older sessions that are not in the newer sessions and lets you skip the last session when there are data faults.

When you are ready to record (append) your GEAR Volume for the new session to the disc, just enter the writecd command.

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