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When you start GEAR, the main menu, toolbar and Project panel appear.

You can create a new project as follows:

1. Select the appropriate type in the GEAR project panel, the default is "New CD-ROM (ISO)".

2. Click Create. The Create Project window appears.

3. Enter a name for the project. GEAR automatically adds the extension.

Note: A valid ISO name may consist of up to eight alphanumeric characters and underscores (_). If you are using an ISO file system for your disc project, it is recommended that you name your project according to this convention.

4. Select the maximum size of the project according to disc size and track type

Type Minutes Data Size
DVD-RAM 282 2.6 GB
DVD-4 428 3.95 GB
DVD-5 509 4.7 GB
DVD-RAM 564 5.2 GB
DVD-9 922 8.5 GB
DVD-10 1019 9.4GB
DVD-18 1844 17 GB
Business Card 2 20 MB
Business Card 3 28 MB
Business Card 6 50 MB
CD 8CM 18 158 MB
CD 8CM 23 200 MB
CD 12CM 63 553 MB
CD 12CM 74 650 MB
CD 12CM 76 668 MB
CD 12CM 80 703 MB
CD 12CM 82 721 MB
CD 12CM 90 800 MB
CD 12CM 99 870 MB
DDCD 160 1406 MB

5. Click Create to close the dialog and create the new project. You are now ready to start loading the contents of the project using the Explorer view.

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