Doing a test write on DVD media gives an error

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When an attempt is made to do a test write to DVD recordable or rewritable media, the following error message appears:

  • "The current recorder or disc does not support the test write option. A Test write can not be performed"


When CD-R technology was first introduced, performance limitations of the then current PC platforms could cause recording's to fail due to so called "Buffer Underruns". In order to test a system's performance without wasting valuable media, recorders allowed for a test write which would simulate the recording process without actually burning the disc.

With the increase in performance of PC's as well as the development of new techniques such as "Burn Proof" and "Smart Burn", the necessity to allow for test recordings on CD media has basically gone.

When DVD recordable technology was introduced, the recording technique was designed in such a way that buffer underruns could not occur making test recording unnecessary. Therefore test recording is no longer supported for DVD media.


As test recording is not necessary for DVD media, this function should only be used for CD media when performance issues are anticipated.

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