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CP [-r]

Parameters: Files(s) which match the specified source_spec. If a directory exists in the image, files are placed in it otherwise the files are copied into theimage under the named dest spec. [-r] Indicates that all sub directories must be copied as well (equivelent to copytree).

Description: Copies the files which match the specified in the image.


Parameters: Source drive that image must be created from i.e. a: c: File name for image.

Description: Creates a boot image file from a drive, that can be used with IMPORTBOOTIMAGE.

CREATEVIDEOTRACK [-d [(target_dir)] [-m [(title_text)] [-f (title_base)] [-t] [-g] [-c]] [-pal] Parameters: [-d] If TRUE, output should be saved on local hard disk and not streamed to DVD. This specifies the directory where the VIDEO_TS files will be written, this is only used inconjunction with the -d option. [-m] This option specifies the type of menu that must be created. This text, if defined, is used to create the title name that is used on the menu. If user defined menus are being used this specifies the name of the base file to build all bmpand control file names from. [-pal] The PAL video format will be used, all subsequent tracks and mpeg images must match theformat or the AddChapter command will fail.

Description: Prepares the current track for DVD Video authoring/menuing.


Parameters: Existing directory name in a virtual image, wildcards are not allowed.

Description: Deletes the specified directory from the selected track in the current volume. DELETE

Parameters: Name of the file to delete in the currently selected volume and track.

Description: Deletes the specified file(s) from the virtual track image. DELTREE

Parameters: Directory tree to delete, wildcards are not allowed.

Description: Deletes the specified directory tree from the virtual image.


Parameters: Track number to delete. Description: Deletes the specified track in the selected GEAR volume.

DELVOL [-nodelphys]

Parameters: The name of the volume that will be deleted. [-nodelphys] If this option is specified, the physical image(s) created for the volume will not be deleted.

Description: Deletes the specified volume.

DIR [-s] [-p]

Parameters: [-s] If this option is used all sub directories will be listed as well. [-p] If this option is used, listing is done a page at a time.

Description: Shows all the files and directories present in the selected directory of the selected track.


Description: Closes the GEAR generator module.


Description: Shows the free space in a volume.


Description: Retrieves the current values of the generator parameters. GETTRACKINFO

Description: Retrieves information about the currently selected track in a GEAR volume.


Description: Retrieves the editable parameters of the currently selected track in the currently selected GEAR volume.


Description: Retrieves global information about the currently selected GEAR volume.


Description: Retrieves the editable parameters of the currently selected volume.

IMPORTBOOTIMAGE Parameters: Name of image file to use as boot image Boot media type emulation.

Description: Imports an existing boot image into the volume/track, to create a bootable disc aacording to the El Torito Specification.


Parameters: The name of the directory on the hard drive containing the VIDEO_TS contents (files) to import.

Description: Imports the contents of a VIDEO_TS directory, present on the hard drive, into the VIDEO_TS directory of a DVD Video track.

LN [-u (uid)] [-g (gid)]

Parameters: [-u (uid)] The user id. [-g (gid)] The group id. Target for the link. Name of the link to create.

Description: Creates a new symbolic link referring from to . LS [-r] [-org] [-pg] [(file_spec)]

Parameters: Is the name of the file or directory to be listed. [-r] If the -r options is present sub directories are listed as well. [-org] Also list the original file name of the file loaded in the track. [-pg] If the -pg options is used listing is done a page at a time.

Description: Produces a list of the file/directory entries present in the current directory of the current GEAR track image.

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