How to access a recording device without root privileges

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Applies to Operating Systems:
All UNIX systems

Non root users receive a "no recorders found" error message when they run GEAR. When logged in as root this problem does not exist.

The owner, group and permissions settings for the Tracer gd driver are set for root, causing non-root users not to have access to the Tracer gd driver.

To allow non-root users to access the recording device in GEAR PRO for UNIX, you will need to run the /usr/gear/bin/gearuser script. The /usr/gear/.gearrc file will need to be copied to each user's home directory in order for GEAR to determine the settings to use for each user.

Also, insure that the user is made a member of specified group on the system.

After running the gearuser script, reboot the machine.

If GEAR is started as root after the gearuser script has been run, you will need to run the gearuser script again to allow non-root users access to the recorder(s).

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