How to append data to a multi-session CD

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The procedure described below is based on use of Automatic Append mode. Where relevant, details on the other append modes will be added.

When you append a session to CD-R the selected session/track is read and a new virtual image is created. The virtual image contains the same directory/file structure as the session and is displayed in the project window.

To append data to a multi-session disc:

1. Insert a multi-session capable disc into the recorder.

2. Select "Add new session to CD" in the GEAR project panel. The button immediately next to the panel changes to Append. Alternatively you may use the File/Append session option from the main menu.

3. This step applies to manual append mode only or if the setting is "append new". Click Append. The AutoAppend Track window appears. The last recorded session is automatically selected. You will be prompted for a new Volume name and to select Data 1,2 or Audio type of session to append.

4. Make your selection according to the type of CD you wish to create and Click OK.

Note: If the same recorder has been used to create or append to the disc, it could be that the image file still exists. In that case GEAR will display a message. Click Yes to overwrite the volume.

5. The GEAR information window appears. Note that the buffer indicator in this window will only be active if cyclic buffers are used. GEAR will now read the track data.

You are now ready to select the files you want to add and/or remove. Be aware that by removing a file, you only delete the entry. Although the data is not erased, it can no longer be retrieved.

After selecting the session contents, you can proceed to Test and Write. Only changes will be written to the CD-R disc. Every time you write a new session, an additional 15MB is added to the CD-R disc. This is known as overhead. Once you have completed the operation you may select Close in the GEAR project panel to close the project.

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