How to author a DVD-Video, VCD, or SVCD

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Applies to Products: All GEAR for Windows

Applies to Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP


How to author a DVD-Video, VCD, or SVCD title


To create a new DVD-Video, Video CD (VCD), or Super Video CD (SVCD) title, you must Author the title. Authoring is the process of choosing the video segments to include on the disc, as well as creating the menus. GEAR will automatically generate all of the necessary files and structures when you are finished authoring the title.

To author a VCD, SVCD, or DVD-Video, choose the appropriate command from the Author menu.

The New Video project dialog box appears. Give the project a name, and choose the video format (NTSCor PAL), and the disc size. Press Create to start authoring the title. The DVD-Video, VCD, or SVCD authoring window appears...

First, you can add video titles to the title. This button will let you select video files that are encoded to DVD-Video specifications (MPEG-2), VCD, or SVCD specifications. If you encoded the audio with the video, they will both be part of the same MPG file. If you used a separate program to encode the video, the audio may be in a separate file. In this case, press Set audio file for title and select the corresponding audio file.

You can double-click the menu title text, and edit the label (in this example, the first label is Beaches). You can move titles up or down, to change the order of playback, or you can delete a title from the disc.

Under Menu Title, you can enter the title that will be at the top of the main menu.

When your DVD is authored, press Create Volume(if the Save VideoTS Files options was selected), or Write DVD to create your title. This will return you to the main GEAR project interface. If you chose to create a disc image, your new volume will be in a new DVD-Video project in GEAR, ready to write to disc. You can add any additional (ROM) files to the disc, and burn it when you are ready.

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