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How to Capture (Record) Video with GEAR Video 8

GEAR Video can capture video through any standard Firewire (IEEE-1394) interface, or from webcams and
video capture boards. GEAR will store the video and audio in a standard AVI file. The video and audio will
be unchanged from the format that they were recorded in, known as DV (Digital Video).

  1. Select "Capture Video" from the capture menu. The video capture window appears...
  2. Select your camcorder or webcam from the Video Source drop down list. If you are using a digital video camcorder, the audio will come from the video source, and the audio source drop-down list will be grey, and not available. If you are using a webcam, select the appropriate audio source. Press "Save As" to select the location to save the captured video file, or to change the name of the file.
  3. You can rewind or fast forward your camcorder in order to find the appropriate place to start. When you are in the right position, press "Start Capture" to start capturing video. Press "Stop Capture" when you are at the end of the desired video. If you continue to press "Start Capture", additional files will be recorded to your PC (with the same name, but ending in a higher numbers).


While you can play these captured DV files on your PC, you will need to encode these files into MPEG-2
format in order to put them on a DVD-Video disc. Encoding your DV video to MPEG-2 for DVD will compress
the video further, reducing the bitrate from 25 Mbits/sec to 8 Mbit/sec or less, in order to meet DVD
specifications. GEAR Video makes encoding easy... see How to Encode Video to MPEG-2 for DVD.

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