How to create a CD-ROM (XA)

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Basically, you create CD-ROM and CD-ROM XA projects in the same way. The main difference is that in a CD-ROM XA project the files have to be preinterleaved.

1. Select "New CD-ROM XA" in the DVD/CD GEAR project panel.

2. Click Create. The Create project window appears.

3. Enter a name for the project. GEAR automatically provides the extension. Remember that the Project name becomes the CD volume label.

4. Select the maximum size of the project according to your CD-R disc size.

5. Click Save to close the dialog and create the new project. You are now ready to start loading the contents of the project.

6. In the GEAR Explorer view drag the files and folders from the computer view into the volume view (from top right panel to bottom right panel in the explorer view). Continue to select and load files for the project until your project is finished.

7. Select the device you wish to write to in the output device panel. You may modify the settings as desired or required. You are now ready to write the project to the media.

8. Click Test to make sure no buffer underrun will occur during the actual writing. GEAR will ask you if you want to write immediately after a successful test. (If you have successfully made a disc before, you may want to skip the test phase and click instead on Write).

9. Click Yes to write after testing the project.

10. Click on Close next to the GEAR project panel.

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