How to encode video for VCD, SVCD, or DVD-Video

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Applies to Products: All GEAR for Windows

Applies to Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP


How to encode video for VCD, SVCD, or DVD-Video


In order to make a VCD, SVCD, or DVD-Video disc from your captured video files, you must first encode the video into the appropriate format. GEAR Video makes it easy.

To compress your DV video files for VCD, SVCD, or DVD-Video, select Encode Video from the Encode menu. This will bring up the Video Encoder window... Click the Encoding Settings button to choose the disc format you wish to encode for (VCD, SVCD, or DVD-Video), change the output directory to store the encoded files, or to change the encoding bitrate. [A higher bitrate will result in higher video quality on your DVD, but it will mean that you can fit less video on your DVD].

In GEAR Software Click the Add Files button to find and add files to the list of files to be encoded. When you are ready, click the Convert button. The status indicated in the lower left corner will show you that the files are being converted. A progress indicator will show a green line in the bar along the bottom of the window. When the green line reaches the right side of the bar, and the status goes to Idle, the encoding is finished.

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