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SCSI, IDE, USB and Firewire

In the past CD recorders were available with either a SCSI interface or an IDE/Atapi interface. Nowadays CD and DVD recorders are usually shipped with an IDE/Atapi interface. Some are shipped with an USB or Firewire interface. If your Unix system only has a SCSI bus, you can still connect an IDE/Atapi recorder though an IDE/SCSI converter card. GEAR Software resells such a card. On Solaris Sparc, Solaris X86 and Linux, GEAR can also work with the native IDE/Atapi and USB interface. Sometimes it is hard to find a SCSI device or a recorder to work with Unix/Linux, for this reason GEAR offers External Enclosures for SCSI chains, here is the link to our page:

GEAR's External SCSI Enclosers

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