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A jukebox or media changer is a robotic unit that can store and automatically load CD and/or DVD media into a CD/DVD-ROM player or a CD/DVD recorder

Applies to Products: GEAR PRO Mastering Edition, GEAR PRO UNIX, GEAR PRO Linux

Applies to Operating Systems: ALL


Supported Devices


GEAR PRO supports CD jukeboxes/CD media changer devices that comply with the ANSI jukebox command from several manufacturers like Pioneer, JVC, Cygnet, ASM, DSM, Grundig. GEAR can use a medium changer for automatic loading and unloading of recordable discs.

Among these are the following:

  • Pioneer DRM-7000
  • Pioneer DRM-5004(X) - see below
  • Pioneer DRM-1004
  • K&S CD30
  • K&S CD10
  • GRUNDIG GMX 2105
  • GRUNDIG GMX 1035
  • JVC jukeboxes
  • ASM jukeboxes
  • DSM jukeboxes

Pioneer DRM-5004X

These jukeboxes can be finicky, especially when first installed they can be in an inconsistent state.

Proceed as follows:

  • Run the W32MOUNT application from Pioneer and use the 'Clear NVRAM' option to reset the drive.
  • Turn the UNIT off and on again.
  • Start GEAR.

The unit will be initialized:

  • When you perform a media scan
  • When you change the settings
  • When you record (providing you previously set the correct parameters for jukebox use)

If GEAR does not detect the jukebox, try connecting it to a different bus.

Using a Jukebox with GEAR PRO


To load a CD from the Jukebox

  • In the GEAR main menu, select Jukebox Control.
    The Jukebox Control window appears (If a jukebox is present in your system)

  • To load a new disc into the jukebox drag the mailbox icon to an empty slot or empty drive.
    You will be prompted to insert a disc. After the disc has been inserted it will be transported to the destination slot or drive

  • Start recording.
    If you want to use a jukebox to write several discs unattended, make sure they are loaded consecutively, beginning in slot 1

To unload a disc

  • Drag the filled slot icon or filled drive icon to the mailbox.
    You will be prompted to remove the CD from the jukebox

To move a disc within the jukebox system

  • Drag the filled icon or filled drive icon to an empty slot or drive
    You may also use the right-click function to perform some of these operations.
    Follow the instructions displayed in the pop-up dialog box

Note: The jukebox Settings dialog allows you set various options, depending on the type of jukebox being used.

Most Jukeboxes allow you to specify the position of the CD/DVD Recorder in the box. If more than one recorder is present, select the one you wish to use.
At this time GEAR only supports write operations to one device at the time. You can also manipulate the media changer and select the slots to use

Jukebox Commands


    Retrieves information about the connected CD/DVD jukebox device
    • The SCSI Vendor and Product ID of the jukebox device
    • The adresses and number of elements in the jukebox (slots, drives, mailbox and grippers)
    • An indication in which elements a medium (disc) is present
    Forces the jukebox device to perform an internal media scan (media initialization), to update its internal status on the loaded media inside the slots

    Moves a caddy/disc from one element (address) to another in the jukebox
    • Parameters: Original location of caddy/disc. New location of caddy/disc



  • InitializeMediumChanger
    Identifies whether GEAR will initialize a jukebox.

    If the value is TRUE, GEAR will use the entries FirstSlotNumber and NrOfSlotsInitialized to determine the range of slots to initialize
    Valid values are true and false. The default value is FALSE.

  • DriveNrInMedium-Changer
    Identifies which jukebox drive is the CD/DVD recorder

    Valid values depend on the number of drivers in the jukebox. The default value is 1

  • FirstSlotNumber
    Identifies the first jukebox slot GEAR uses to initialize and record

    If you record a disc using the WRITECD command, GEAR follows this procedure
    1. Checks the recorder for a disc
    2. Loads the disc at FirstSlotNumber if there is no disc in the recorder
    3. Writes the disc and moves it to the original location
    4. Loads the disc from the next slot if number of copies is more than 1
    The default value is 1

Make sure FirstSlotNumber plus NrOfCopies is less than the maximum number of slots you have

  • NrOfSlotsInitialized
    Identifies the number of slots GEAR should initialize

    This value is used only when a jukebox is initialized

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