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In the early days of CD/DVD recording, the embedded software (firmware) made by the recorder manufacturer to guide certain functions for the recorder was unique for each device. The result was that desktop software (drivers) written by companies like GEAR to use the CD recorder sometimes conflicted with the recorder itself, that is, the software crashed or couldn’t find the device in order to record a disc. This made it necessary for software companies like GEAR to write individualized drivers for each individual recorder…a lot of work for us, and a terrible inconvenience for consumers.

Finally, the recorder manufacturers got together and devised the MMC (Multi Media Command) specification. The new specification created the logic for recorders to use a common set of commands. If a recorder is MMC compliant (and virtually every recorder is “supposed” to be), then it is being run by a common set of drivers for one MMC-compliant recorder. If a recorder is MMC compliant, any software that you use which adheres to the specification for MMC should be able to see and write to that device. When GEAR writes its software, it conforms strictly to the MMC specification (364 pages to be exact!).

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