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Many UNIX system do not have IDE buses. In order to connect an IDE/ATAPI CD/DVD Recorder for use on a SCSI based system, GEAR uses IDE-to-SCSI converter bridge cards from ACARD.

Along with your purchased copy of GEAR PRO UNIX software, GEAR can provide a turn-key hardware solution for SCSI UNIX boxes.

GEAR Software's turn-key solution includes a current model CD/DVD recorder, an external enclosure (choose your SCSI interface pin connection) and an Acard AEC-7720U or Acard AEC-7720UW IDE/SCSI converter card. This 'plug & play' solution from GEAR is available by contacting

GEAR provides external SCSI enclosures for three SCSI interfaces: 68-pin high density, 50-pin high density and 50-pin 'Centronics'. The adapter card is self-terminating so no terminator is required on the box.

NOTE: GEAR no longer uses the I-O Data IDE-SCSI converter card due to reports of incompatibility with faster CD/DVD recorders.

Solaris 10


  • You have an extra IDE controller on the machine
  • The GEAR IDE drivers are installed but 'not attaching'
  • The IDE/ATAPI recorder is connected to the extra IDE controller and the recorder shows up as:

/dev/rdsk/c0t5d0s2 DriveBrand DVD RW ModelXXX 1.0b | CD/DVD Reader/Writer or

/dev/rdsk/c0t6d0s2 DriveBrand DVD RW ModelXXX 1.0b | CD/DVD Reader/Writer or similar,

You will need to edit the gear.conf file located in /usr/kernel/drv

Locate this line:

name="gear" class="scsi" class_prop="atapi" target=3 lun=0 noretry;


name="gear" class="scsi" class_prop="atapi" target=4 lun=0 noretry;

name="gear" class="scsi" class_prop="atapi" target=5 lun=0 noretry;

Then reboot the machine with:

reboot -- -r

See Also

Please check our online recorder database to see if your recorder is supported on your operating system.

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