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GEAR's QA staff found an incompatibility issue between the SPTD drivers from DuplexSecure and the GEAR ASPI drivers used by the GEARWorks SDK.

drivers are commercially available Device I/O drivers and are used by the virtual drive emulator Daemon Tools as well as by various other products.


  • When version 1.43 of SPTD is installed on a system, the GEARWorks SDK will report that no recorders were found on the system.
  • Also, having Daemon Tools or other software utilities that provide 'virtual' recorders may prevent GEAR (or GEAR Powered Products) from accessing your optical drives


DuplexSecure have created a Hot-Fix which resolves this issue. Customers should be advised to download and install SPTD 1.45 which is available at this thread

  • Posted 04-MAY-07
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