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Windows Media Audio (WMA) is a proprietary compressed audio file format developed by Microsoft. It was initially a competitor to the MP3 format, but with the introduction of Apple's iTunes Music Store, it has positioned itself as a competitor to the Advanced Audio Coding format used by Apple and is part of the Windows Media framework.

A large number of consumer devices, ranging from portable hand-held music players and handphones to set-top DVD players, support the playback of WMA files. WMA is second only to MP3 in popularity in terms of number of devices supported.

Files in this format can be played using Windows Media Player, Winamp (with certain limitations, DSP plugin support and DirectSound output is disabled using the default WMA plugin), Real Player, and many other alternative media players. The FFmpeg project has reverse-engineered and reimplemented the WMA format to allow its use on POSIX compliant operating systems such as Linux.

In November 2005, a new update was available for the PlayStation Portable (version 2.60) which allowed WMA files to be played on the console for the first time.

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