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For the production of CDs in a mastering and replication plant a master tape is used. Mass-produced CDs can be made from either a CD-R disc or a master tape. GEAR lets you create both. The most common format is the Disc Description Protocol (DDP) format.

GEAR supports most tape units that provide a SCSI interface. The preferred configuration is with an EXABYTE tape unit, a Hewlett Packard DAT unit, or a DLT drive (DEC, Quantum, HP). Visit our website at GEAR Software for an updated list of supported tape recorders. If no tape is attached, the Output Device panel will display something like: "Tape : Null Tape device 0.00". If you select that device no ouput will be written.

Writing a CD project to tape The process for premastering a tape is just like writing to CD. Make sure your tape unit is connected to your computer and turned on and that there is a tape in the unit before you start GEAR . Before you proceed write your project, you are advised to check the tape recorder settings.

Tape Device Settings You can specify the types of settings appropriate for your tape recorder by choosing Mastering Settings from the Mastering menu.

You can specify the driver and buffer settings. The Null device driver can be used for testing purposes. Other options include the use of Double Buffering or Cyclic Buffering. A special feature of the GEAR PRO Unix software is the use of Cyclic buffering during the recording. You can change the number of buffers and their size. Click the Settings button in the Output Device panel or Mastering/Settings menu. The Mastering Settings dialog appears. Select the settings you want to use and click OK to return to the main screen.

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