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BATCH [-a] [-x]

The name of a batch file to run, a full path is allowed.

[-a] Execute the batch file in unattended mode. This means that no questions will be asked during the execution (dafault answers will be used automatically). Errors messages however will be reported, because these may give vital information in case the execution of a command fails.

[-x] Exit GEAR upon completion of Batch File.

Starts executing a batch file (text file) with GEAR commands or a previously created log file (see LOG command). The -a option can be used for unattended operation. In that case no user input is required. Otherwise, if there are commands in the batch file that have invalid or missing parameters, you will be prompted provide the parameter(s). Lines in the batch file that begin with a semicolon and empty lines will be ignored.

Go here for more batch file information: General Commands.

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