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In the CD Settings, you can do any of the following:

  • Select a recording method: disc-at-once or track-at-once, other methods depend on your recorder model. Disc at once means your recorder writes the lead in, then the track data, then the lead out in one continuous flow. This method is especially suited for Audio recording. Track at once means your recorder first writes the track data, then finalizes the disc by writing a lead in and lead out. With track-at-once, the writing is not sequential and contains certain interruptions (link areas). You cannot use disc-at-once recording to append to multi-session disc. In this case GEAR will automatically switch to track-at-once. When writing disc-atonce (to a blank disc), some recorders allow the disc to be closed as multisession. This feature is sometimes called 'session-at-once', and is supported by GEAR.
  • Specify the speed at which you want to record: 1x, 2x, etc. depending on your recorder model. You may select separate speeds for Audio reading. Quite often a lower Audio read speed results in better quality.
  • Enable the Close as Multi-session option. Choosing this setting means that your disc will be written as a multi-session disc. If you want to be able to append other sessions to your CD-R(W) you will also have to choose Track at Once recording and enable Fixate disc.
  • You can also specify whether to fixate the disc after recording (that is, record the lead in or lead out). If you do not fixate the disc, you can specify a multisession recording, that is, recording can occur over several different sessions on the same or different recorders.

Important: Some of the older CD-ROM players do not support the reading of multi-session discs.

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