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This section includes information for connecting a CD/DVD recorder.

CD/DVD recorders can be installed in the same way as CD/DVD ROM devices.

Connecting a CD/DVD recorder to a IDE/Atapi bus can be performed in the same way as a CD-ROM device. An IDE/Atapi bus (one channel) usually support two devices, a master and a slave. Check whether the CD/DVD recorder should be master or slave, and set the master/slave jumper on the device correctly.

If you use a SCSI interface, we recommend you connect the recorder close to the SCSI Controller. The SCSI cable should be no longer than 3 feet in length (or 1 meter). The shorter the cable, the less chance that signal interference may interrupt your data transmission.

The recorder's SCSI ID must be different from the other SCSI devices connected to the bus. For instance, you can set the SCSI ID to 5, but if another device has an ID of 5 you will have issues. Change the SCSI ID to another one that is not in use.

Most SCSI recorders have a jumper to enable or disable the SCSI termination by the drive.

If you are using a SCSI converter card, check whether your CD/DVD recorder has to be configured as master or as slave. Most converter cards require the drive to be master. Also, set the jumpers for the SCSI ID on the converter card to the SCSI ID you want to use, and the SCSI termination. Also do not forget that the converter card needs power supply, so a power splitter cable may be required.

Be sure to terminate both ends of the SCSI chain properly. All SCSI units are susceptible to signal degradation, which can cause a loss in data integrity or the reporting of strange errors. An unterminated SCSI chain is a much more likely candidate to become a victim of signal degradation.

NOTE: If your system mounts media in CD/DVD devices automatically, please disable the automounter feature so that device is not mounted.

IMPORTANT: Always read the manufacturer's instructions before installing hardware. Problems you may encounter during the installation of GEAR are usually due to hardware related installation problems. If your installation was successful, you should see the recorder attached during your boot sequence.

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