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GEAR PRO Unix allows you read a CD or DVD, in order to create a DDP master tape. Exabyte tape is sometimes used to store and send CD masters to replication facilities. DLT is the standard professional format for DVD masters. GEAR can reliably read CDs or DVDs, and write the contents, along with formatting information, in the form of a DDP image.

To convert a CD or DVD to a DDP master tape, use the "Convert CD/DVD Disc to Tape" command in the "Mastering" menu. The command options are as described above.

Converting a CD/DVD disc to a Master Tape If you are using a CD as the input source, you may want to check the CD-ROM settings in the Options|CD-ROM tab. There you can enable/disable the default settings for index scanning and postgap correction if necessary. You can also set the number of retries GEAR should perform on detecting a C2 read error when reading digital audio. Please note that not all drives may support index scanning, postgap reading and C2 error handling. The "output drive"

From the Tape menu, select the option "Convert CD/DVD disc to Tape". The "Convert CD/DVD to Tape" dialog now appears. In the dialog, select the source CD/DVD drive and the tape drive for the output (destination). For drives that support index scanning the option to enable/disable index scanning is not greyed in the dialog. For drives that do not support index scanning (in combination with GEAR) the option to enable/disable index scanning will be greyed in the dialog. For the output tape format, the tape settings will apply, similar to writing a normal GEAR project to tape. If necessary change the Tape Settings to the required parameters. Click OK in the "Convert CD/DVD to Tape" dialog to start the conversion process. When GEAR has finished writing, the tape can now be sent to a DVD/CD mastering and replication plant.

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