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GEAR PRO Unix can also convert a CD or DVD to a DDP Image on a hard drive, for networked storage or transfer, or for transfer through the Internet. The process is simple, and it includes several powerful features. It outputs DDP and image files to a directory on the hard disk, rather than to a tape. The tape parameters determine the format of the output: file strategy, sector sizes, etc.

Place the CD or DVD in your CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, or recordable disc drive. Select the "Convert CD/DVD disc to DDP Image" command from the "Mastering" menu. Choose the options you require from the dialog box that follows.

After choosing the correct source drive, you will see basic disc information. If your drive supports advanced features, GEAR will enable the following options.

If you are using a CD as the input source, you may want to check the CD-ROM settings in the Options->CDROM tab. There you can enable/disable the default settings for index scanning and postgap correction if necessary. You can also set the number of retries GEAR should perform on detecting a C2 read error when reading digital audio. Please note that not all drives may support index scanning, postgap reading and C2 error handling. C2 errors will be reported in GEAR's log window, and in any saved log file. This feature is essential to professionals who need the assurance that they can perform perfect transfers. With supported drives, GEAR can optionally scan all CD audio index points, and accurately copy multiple indexes per audio track. This feature has been part of the Red Book CD Audio specification from the beginning, although it was rarely implemented. This allows CD Audio players to scan to index points within a particular track. It has been used for longer audio or music programs, such as a classical music piece with multiple parts. For drives that support index scanning the option to enable/disable index scanning is not greyed in the dialog. For drives that do not support index scanning (in combination with GEAR) the option to enable/disable index scanning will be greyed in the dialog When using a drive that supports CD subcode reading, GEAR will give you the option of copying this subcode data. This allows GEAR to create a DDP image of a CD+G title. After selecting the Destination Drive, you can choose additional options by pressing the "Settings" button.

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