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Applies to Operating Systems: All

While downloading files from GEAR Software's FTP site, the download process always stops before the file has been completely downloaded or the download process 'hangs' after a while.

The problem may be due to the firewall through which you are connecting to the internet.

When accepting a connection, a FTP server will establish a 'control connection' on a randomly chosen port number on your system.

All commands you send to the FTP server and the FTP server's responses to those commands will go via this control connection.
The actual download is done via the 'data connection', that your system established with the FTP server.

A firewall will usually refuse any incoming connections, preventing the control connection from being created.
As a result, the FTP connection will appear to work, but as soon as you try to get some files or a directory listing, the connection will appear to hang.

A possible solution to this problem is to change the transfer mode in your FTP program to 'passive'.

If you are using Internet Explorer to connect to GEAR Software's FTP site, go to:

  • Tools Menu -> Internet Options
  • On the Advanced tab, under 'Browsing', enable the checkbox "Use Passive FTP"

Netscape Navigator uses the Passive Transfer Mode by default.

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