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Drivers for GEAR PRO UNIX/Linux v5.0x

Applies to Products: GEAR PRO UNIX 5.0x and GEAR PRO Linux 5.0x

Supported SCSI drivers


This version of GEAR PRO UNIX has the ability to use either standard native platform device drivers or a third party device drivers from Caldera and Tracer Technologies / Bakbone. On Solaris Sparc there is the possiblity to select the sd driver, the sgen driver or the GEAR IDE driver.

On most Unix systems the standard platform device driver will be sufficient. so no third party drivers are required.

GEAR 5.0 now provides IDE device drivers for Solaris 2.8 and higher which can be used to provide non root users with access to these devices.

The device driver can be changed in the .gearrc file or in the program itself, in the GUI through the recorder settings, and in the Command Line version with the SETCDRDEFAULTS command:

SETCDRDEFAULTS CDRInterface <value>. <value> determines which type of SCSI driver is used:

1. Tracer Technologies SCSI device driver (special file at 'SCSIPath1').

2. GEAR/Standard SCSI device driver (special file at 'SCSIPath2').

3. Caldera SCSI device driver (special file at 'SCSIPath3').

4. GEAR IDE driver, for Solaris Sparc only (special file at 'SCSIPath4').

5. sgen driver, for Solaris Sparc only (special file at 'SCSIPath5').

NOTE: Selecting 2) on Solaris Sparc will select the sd driver.This driver supports SCSI, IDE and USB devices.

NOTE: Selecting 4) on Solaris Sparc will select the GEAR IDE driver. This driver supports only IDE and SCSI devices.

NOTE: Selecting 5) on Solaris Sparc will select the sgen driver. This driver supports only SCSI devices.

NOTE: Selecting 2) on Solaris x86 will select the sgen driver. On Solaris x86 this driver supports SCSI and IDE devices.

NOTE: Using the sd driver on Solaris Sparc often requires root permissions to be able to access devices. If you are a non-root user, you may find GEAR being unable to open the device files, and GEAR will not find your CD/DVD recorder(s). Unfortunately it is a Sun policy to sometimes block access for non-root users to device files, even if the permissions on the device files have been granted. For non-root users it may therefore be required to switch to the sgen driver or the GEAR IDE driver. To give permissions for non-root users, please have the system administrator run the gearuser script after the appropriate driver has been selected in the .gearrc file.

NOTE: To use the Tracer/Bakbone SCSI driver, an additional license key is required. If the driver from Tracer/Bakbone (gd driver) has been installed you'll need to run the license manager to determine if your system has been licensed.

Rebuild the gd drivers without rebooting


Applies to Products: GEAR Pro for UNIX v3.51 and v4.0

Applies to Operating Systems: Sun Sparc, Sun x86, AIX and Linux

After rebuilding the gd drivers when updating the demo or when validating the permanent license key, the system needs to be rebooted for the changes to take effect. Is it possible to rebuild the gd drives without rebooting the system?

To rebuild the gd drivers on GEAR Pro 3.51/4.0 without rebooting the operating system, run the command: /etc/init.d/TRACERgd

This command is for SUN, AIX and LINUX systems only. On HP-UX, SGI IRIX and True64, the OS will need to be rebooted.

Please note that GEAR no longer uses the Tracer driver in later versions of GEAR PRO UNIX

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