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The latest GEAR driver installer will install drivers that do not require or include the gearsec.exe service. This driver installer will remove gearsec.exe and the GEAR Security service from Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems, if these older drivers are present. The installer will ask you if you want gearsec.exe removed, and it will not attempt to remove it from systems running Windows NT. Unless you have reason to believe that your system requires the gearsec.exe service (see below), you should use this version of the GEAR drivers.

The gearsec compatibility driver installer is only meant for users of iTunes 4.2, Ghost, or software that requires gearsec.exe to be present, regardless of the OS being used. This driver installer will update gearsec.exe if an older version is being used. This installer includes gearsec.exe. It does not remove the gearsec.exe driver or the associated GEAR Security service. If your system previously included gearsec.exe, and you found a problem when you installed the latest GEAR drivers, you should reinstall the GEAR drivers with the gearsec compatibility driver installer.

For more information on the gearsec.exe driver, please see the this KnowledgeBase article - Why is gearsec.exe running on my system?.

Beta Versions

Driver installer for 32bit Windows systems: download file

Driver installer for Windows running on AMD64 and Intel EM64T systems: download file

Driver installer for Windows running on Intel Itanium systems: download file

Please Note: These drivers are beta versions, and users may download and install them at their own risk. GEAR Software is not responsible or liable for any damage to a user’s system caused by downloading, installing and/or uninstalling these drivers.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please visit our Support Forums.

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