Does GEAR PRO write a CD or DVD from a batch file?

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Yes, GEAR PRO Professional and Mastering Editions have an option to create a CD or DVD through a Batch file.

GEAR's batch utility lets you run multiple GEAR commands automatically— without ongoing interaction from you. The easiest way to create a batch file is to use the Generate Log command in the File menu to create the image once. This is particularly useful for incremental backups or if you have to create the same image periodically with updated files, a CD that is updated quarterly, for example. As you create the image, the commands you use are saved in a log file. You can use this log file as a reference to create batch files, or sometimes you can edit the log file and use it as a batch file. You can also read the log file to check the image generation process.

GO here for more batch file information: Batch Commands

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