Does GEAR Windows software include spyware?

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If your anti-spyware software warns you that GEAR contains spyware, please read the following. GEAR does not contain spyware.

GEAR software uses license management system from Silicon Realms, a Digital River company to prevent unauthorized copies from being distributed. One of the components of the license management software is called Relevant Reach. This software component was also used by a program called Guardian Monitor Classic (a program from Guardian Software that parents could use to monitor their PC and their child's activities). Some anti-spyware software vendors classified Guardian Monitor as spyware because it included a key logger as part of its protection systems. This is an incorrect threat assessment on behalf of the Anti-Spyware software (a false-positive response).

The Relevant Reach module in GEAR software is being incorrectly categorized as Guardian Monitor Classic.

We are working now to have the Relevant Reach files white-listed with Anti-Spyware vendors, so that they will no longer be incorrectly identified as Guardian Monitor.

Please be assured that GEAR Software does not include spyware or key loggers.

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