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The Extended Download Service allows GEAR Software users to re-download their GEAR Software program for up to two years after the purchase date, should they need to re-install GEAR due to a hardware/software failure.

If you purchased your copy of GEAR through the __Buy GEAR__ button on the GEAR v7.01 initial splash screen, attempting to use the Extended Download Service to reinstall GEAR for Windows results in a __FINISH__ button that does not appear to function.

In order to utilize the Extended Download Service for these purchases and reactivate your GEAR program, you must first download a trial version of the appropriate GEAR program from the GEAR website, and then log in to the orders page using your Digital River order number and password. Once logged in, press the __FINISH__ button. This will 'auto-inject' the full activation code into the trial version converting it to a full activation.

If you purchased GEAR directly without ever installing a 'trial' version, your login should provide you with either a __BEGIN HTTP DOWNLOAD__ or __BEGIN DOWNLOAD__ button.

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