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On a Windows system there are files and directories with long file names.

When these files and directories are written to a CD, and the CD is viewed on a UNIX or LINUX system, the file and directory names have been truncated.

GEAR Pro for Windows will by default create a CD with just the ISO9660 file system on it.

There are several levels of ISO9660. Each level has its own rules regarding file and directory name lengths and the use of mixed case characters in the name.

GEAR will truncate the long file and directory names to comply with the ISO9660 level chosen.

UNIX systems use the Rockridge extensions to store long file names on a CD.

Before creating a GEAR project, select Preferences in the Options menu.

In the Project Defaults tab page, enable the "Add UNIX Rockridge information" option and select "Do Not Translate Names" in the Non ISO name handling pull down window.

When viewing the disc on a UNIX system, mount the CD as a Rockridge CD, and not as an ISO or High Sierra File System (HSFS) CD.

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