Formatting CD-RW discs gives error 4310

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When an attempt is made to format CD rewritable media for Fixed Packet Writing, the following error message appears:

"Illegal SCSI command request reported by CD recorder"


Before the emergence of DVD recording technology, the MMC command specification introduced a specific command to be used for formatting discs for fixed packet writing.

DVD technology required a more advanced command for formatting and this was added to the MMC specification. However, the specification states that the original command should be maintained for legacy support.

Some new DVD recorders have been found to no longer support this legacy command. Amongst these are Pioneer DVR-110 and NEC ND-4550A.


This issue has been resolved in the GEAR API version which is used by GEAR Video 8.01. Users of any GEAR products using an API version prior to will need to update their software.

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