GEAR Commands Part 2

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SETTAPEDEFAULTS [(parameter)] [(value)]

Parameters: Name of the parameter to set. New value to assign to the parameter.

Description: Sets the default parameters of the GEAR Tape engine, which will be used for initializing the GEAR Tape engine of the Toolkit with the next INITTAPE.


Parameters: New name of the working directory.

Description: Changes the current working directory of the GEAR.


Description: Produces a list of the GEAR volumes present in the current working directory, containing the following information: Volume name and size, Session number, Number of tracks in the volume, Type of volume, Status of volume, Date and time stamp for the volume.

VERIFYFILECRC [-d] [(crc_value)]

Parameters: [-d] If specified, the name is interpreted as a directory containing a DDP image including aCHECKSUM.TXT file. Path of the DDP image directory, or name (path) of the single file to verify the CRC on. Original CRC value (string containing hex value) to compare with.

Description: Returns the free disk space in KBytes.

WAIT [(nr_of_seconds)]

Parameters: Number of seconds to wait.

Description: Wait for a number of seconds or display a prompt and wait for a user interaction to continue.

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