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Known Issues / Resolutions

GEAR licenses our CD/DVD recording "drivers" to many other companies to add CD/DVD recording capabilities to their software products.

Below are some common issues users of these GEAR Powered Products experience, and solutions for them.


Symantec Products

Supported Recorders

If your Symantec product states that your recorder is not supported, please download any GEAR Software product for Windows and test your hardware with the GEAR drivers using a GEAR Software product.

  • If your CD/DVD recorder works with a GEAR Software product, then your CD/DVD recorder indeed works with the GEAR "drivers"
  • If your CD/DVD recorder works with the GEAR "drivers" but not with a Symantec product, then the issue is related to that Symantec product, and any further support will need to come from Symantec Support

    In the past, Symantec products have been known to ‘filter’ CD/DVD recorders from their list of devices due to media types not supported by their application. If the recorder supports a media type their application does not support, such as DVD-RAM — regardless of whether the device also supports recording to CD-R and/or DVD±R media, often these devices are erroneously ‘filtered’ from the device list and are thought to be ‘unsupported’ by the GEAR drivers.
    It is an extremely rare occasion that a drive is not supported by the GEAR drivers.

See Also

  • MMC - GEAR supports all recorders that adhere to the Multimedia Command specification

iTunes for Windows

64 Bit Recording

Installing the 32-bit version of iTunes on 64-bit hardware results in the iTunes application not having CD/DVD recording capabilities

The iTunes installer currently only installs GEAR’s 32-bit driver. In order to gain CD/DVD recording capabilities within iTunes on a 64-bit PC , you must install GEAR’s 64-bit drivers separately from iTunes.

Because iTunes is not a GEAR Software product, any information listed here regarding using that product is provided as feedback from iTunes users and GEAR Software support engineers. Instructions for enabling CD/DVD recording within iTunes on 64-bit hardware is provided without warranty from GEAR. Installing the 64-bit drivers may involve editing the Windows Registry, and users are advised to proceed with extreme caution.

If installing the 64-bit does not provide CD/DVD recording capabilities within iTunes, you may have to manually remove the 32-bit drivers and reinstall the 64-bit drivers

    We highly recommend making a backup if you choose to modify the Windows Registry.
    Any mistakes made when modifying the Windows Registry can render your entire system inoperable.

See Also

DRIVERS: Windows - Updating, removing, 64 bit versions, etc

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