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GEAR licenses our CD/DVD recording "drivers" to many other companies to add CD/DVD recording capabilities to their software products.

To ensure your recorder works with the GEAR "drivers" we recommend downloading a fully functional 30-day trial of a GEAR Software product, such as GEAR Video

If the drive works with a GEAR Software product, then the drive works with the GEAR drivers. When we license the drivers to third parties, it is up to them to decide how they implement the drivers. Often these companies ‘filter-out’ drives that are indeed supported by the GEAR drivers based on drive capabilities their software does not feature – such as DVD-RAM. If the recorder is discovered to support DVD-RAM (for example) and the third party software that uses the GEAR drivers does not support DVD-RAM media, the drive may not be ‘available’ or ‘listed’ within the third-party application because of such ‘filtering’.

If your recorder works with GEAR drivers in a GEAR Software product, but not in a GEAR Powered Product, then the issue is with that product, and at their request, we have to refer you back to them for further technical support.

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