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GEAR Software Online Support FAQs

Why is GEAR changing its support model?

Frankly, we can use the revenue to better serve our customers and to build great software products. Moreover, GEAR’s customers are typically working on premastering, authoring, editing, and production projects against very tight timelines. Our customers undertake highly technical challenges that involve the use of multiple software tools, work processes and content inputs, all of which can combine to introduce unique problems. These situations require our intensive attention, often by one or more GEAR Software’s staff of engineering, support and software development professionals. Our intent is to allocate GEAR’s resources effectively to obtain the best result for our professional customers.

If I do not have an Upgrade Protection and Support Plan with my GEAR software product, what are my options?

  1. Enter into a Priority Technical Support and Premastering Consulting Services plan by purchasing an allotment of Support Hours from GEAR;
  2. Purchase an UPSP retroactive to the date of the purchase of your software
  3. Use free Online Technical Support resources such as How To’s, FAQ’s, and the User Discussion Board

What is different about the Upgrade Protection and Support Plan model versus the current support provided by GEAR without any support plan?

GEAR customers with a Plan get free software Upgrades during the plan period, along with exclusive telephone rights and priority email response times within one (1) business day.

GEAR customers without a Plan pay for all Upgrades, do not have telephone access to GEAR Support, nor will their email request for support take precedence over GEAR’s top-priority customers. Non-plan technical support email inquiries will receive a response within three (3) to five (5) business days.

Will GEAR offer phone and email support on a per hour basis?

Yes. GEAR offers a Priority Technical Support and Premastering Consulting Services Plan that enables you to receive priority support. Essentially, you can purchase an allocation of Support Hours in increments of 2, 6 and 10 hours. Per incident calls will be placed in the phone queue behind Upgrade Protection and Support Plan customers.

Will customers still have access to GEAR Software’s Online resources such as the Knowledge Base, How To’s and Discussion Groups?

Yes. All GEAR customers will be able to access these services.

If I upgrade a product that has a support agreement, do I need to repurchase a new support agreement?

If you have an Upgrade Protection and Support Plan, you are entitled to all GEAR software Upgrades for the term of the support agreement and your priority support eligibility follows into those Upgrades for the duration. If you have purchased an allocation of support hours under a Priority Support Plan, any Upgrade you purchase will be 100% supported as well.

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