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To enable non-root users, a gearuser script is provided that should be run by the system administrator (root). The gearuser script sets the permissions for the user (actually a group of users) to the gear files and the system device files. The gearuser script will ask for a group name, a user name and a device ID. The gearuser script will handle one device ID at a time. To permit multiple device IDs, please run the gearuser script multiple times for the same group & user but different device ID's.

The gearuser script will read the gearrc file to determine which driver was selected (CDRInterface=....), and attempt to give access to the device file corresponding to the selected driver and the device ID.

NOTE: Using the sd driver on Solaris Sparc often requires root permissions to be able to access devices. If you are a non-root user, you may find GEAR being unable to open the device files, and GEAR will not find your CD/DVD recorder(s). For non-root users it may be required to switch to the sgen driver or the GEAR IDE driver.

Following the following instructions will allow a non root user to use IDE devices with GEAR on a Solaris System.

1. Log in to the system as ROOT.

2. Install GEAR and choose select the options to install and configure the GEAR IDE drivers.

3. Start GEAR and select the GEAR IDE drivers as the default drivers. This can be done in by selecting RECORDER and the SETTINGS in the menu, selecting the DRIVER tab and in the INTERFACE section select the GEAR IDE driver.

4. Close GEAR.

5. Create or select a group (eg GEAR) and make sure the user is a member of this group.

6. Run the GEARUSER script in the /USR/GEARGUI/BIN folder and following the instructions given, giving access to the selected USER/GROUP to the drive required.

7. Repeat step 6 for any other drives on the system the user may need to access.

The user will now be able to use GEAR with the selected IDE devices.

WARNING!: GEAR is a single user application. After setting GEAR up for NON ROOT access, GEAR should not be run by ROOT. This will reset the permissions to some files and will require this procedure to be repeated.

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