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Did you mean: GEARAspiWDM.sys?


GEAR PRO communicates with devices on the system via the gearaspi.dll driver, which is part of the GEAR driver set.

GEAR is having a GEARAspi error

When running GEAR, an error dialog is displayed with the message, (Or Similiar message): "Unable to open ASPI driver gearaspi.dll. The ASPI driver is probably not installed".

The error message indicates that the GEAR driver set is not installed and/or running. This can be due to the following:

  • The drivers have not been installed correctly
  • The service component of the GEAR driver set is not running
  • The driver files have been corrupted
  • The driver entries in the registry have been corrupted
  • The registry concerning GEARAspi was altered by a missinterpretation in some registry cleaning software


If GEAR PRO 7.0 was installed and the system was not rebooted, reboot the system.

If this does not resolve the issue, download and run the GEAR driver set. Reboot the system after the driver installation has completed.

If the issue is STILL unresolved, you are going to have to manually remove the drivers and re-install GEAR. You can find instructions on manually removing the drivers here: Manual Removal of GEAR Drivers

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