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STARTVCDCREATION -NPF [-ID (CDid)] [-PAL] [-SVCD] [-PR] [-IR] [-A (nr)] [-N (nr)] [-CDI (dirpath)]

Parameters: -NPF Required. -ID Disc ID that is set in the INFO control file. [-A (nr)] Set the album set sequence number. [-N (nr)] Set the number of volumes in the album set. [-PAL] If specified, PAL video format is used. [-SVCD] If specified, Super Video CD format (SVCD) will be created. [-PR] If specified, prompting (on inclusion of an incompliant item) is turned off. [-IR] If specified, inclusion reply is TRUE (ignored when user is prompted). [-CDI (dirpath)] If specified, the CDI simulation application file(s) will be copied from dirpath into the volume'sCDI dir (ignored for SVCD).

Description: This command is to be called when the volume is empty to dedicate the volume to dynamic creation of Video CD.


Description: This command is to be called after STARTVCDCREATION to end further VideoCD volume related operations.


Description: Returns or displays a list of all tracks in the currently selected volume, which contains the following information for each track: Track number, Track size, Type of track, Required writing mode for track, Status of track, Date and time stamp.


Description: Verifies the contents of the virtual image of the currently selected track and checks if a physical track image can be created.


Description: Verifies the contents of all virtual tracks in the selected volume and checks if physical (track or volume) images can be created.

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