How To: Upload your DDP image via FTP

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How to upload your DDP image to the mastering/replication facility

GEAR PRO Mastering Edition allows you to upload your DDP images directly to your mastering/replication facility. Many mastering/replication facilities allow DDP images to be sent this way, and it is increasingly becoming the preferred method of getting the content to the mastering/replication facility. GEAR PRO Mastering Edition makes it easy to do this.

To upload your DDP to a mastering/replication facility:

    1. Create your DDP image...
    How To Create a DDP image of a double-layer DVD-Video with automatic layer-break detection
    2. Start GEAR...
    3. Mastering > FTP Settings...
    4. Input your settings for the FTP server (consult the facility for the server name and your username/password etc.)
    5. Mastering > Transfer DDP image with FTP
    6. GEAR prompts you for the DDP folder to upload...
    File:04-DirectorySelection.JPG 7. GEAR offers to compress the DDP image...
    File:05-CompressDialog.JPG If you select No...
    GEAR will just upload the DDP image folder to the FTP server...
    If you select Yes...
    GEAR will compress the DDP image into a zip file using the DDP image folder name and upload the zip file to the FTP server...
    (If the DDP image was ‘C:\Content\DDP_DVD5__no_CSS’ the zip file is ‘C:\Content\’)

    File:07-CompressProgress.JPG File:08-CompleteYesCompress.JPG
    8. Done.
    Once you have uploaded the DDP image, the facility will be able to use the CRC32 'checksum.txt' file to verify the DDP image. GEAR creates the CRC32 'checksum.txt' file and places it in the DDP output folder when the DDP is created.
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