How to create a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (ISO-9660 and Rock Ridge)

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The ISO CD-ROM type is most suited for the creation of CDs containing normal files for storage/archiving. Rock Ridge extensions are switched on by default in GEAR for Unix to preserve all Unix specific attributes like read/write/execute permissions, ownership and special filetypes.

NOTE: To create a DVD-ROM please select the project type 'DVDROM (ISO)'

To create an ISO CD/DVD project:

1.Select New CD-ROM (ISO) or New DVD-ROM (ISO) on the GEAR project panel.

2.Click the Create button to the right of the panel. The Create project window appears.

3. Select the appropriate project size in the Disc Size panel.

4. Enter a name for the project. Note that the Project name will become the volume label for the disc, it's possible to change it afterwards when desired.

5. Click Save. An 'Explorer' view of your computer will be displayed at the top half of your screen. The bottom half displays the view of the GEAR (virtual) volume you just created. The first branch in the tree view shows a data track.

6. You can now drag files and/or folders from the 'Explorer' view into the empty ISO track view. As you do so, the statistics such as date and start sectors will be displayed. If the log view is enabled, you can monitor the actual copying. NOTE: Switch off the Log window to speed up copying.

7. If you select Settings next to the close button on the GEAR project panel line, you can set the media catalog code for CD media (UPCEAN) by changing the volume settings (Optional, normally used by publishers).

8. Once you have completed the copying of all files onto the track, select a device to write the project to from the Output Device panel at the bottom of the window.

9. Click the Settings button in the Output Device panel if you need to change any of the settings of the CD/DVD recorder device.

10. Click the Test button to test-write the project to the CD/DVD recorder. GEAR will ask you if you want to write immediately after a successful test.

11. Click Yes. GEAR starts testing and writing. If there are any problems, GEAR will notify you and give you the opportunity to solve the problem.

12.Close the project by clicking on the Close button next to the GEAR Project panel.

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