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The following procedure explains how to create an Audio CD from wave files and/or Audio tracks. Use a CD track list to create an Audio CD from Audio Tracks only. One of the advantages of using a CD track list is that you can specify the pause between the tracks.

1. Select CD-Audio as Type in the Project panel.

2. Click Create to create a new project. You will prompted to enter a project name and for a directory to store the project into.

3. Enter a name for the new project. GEAR automatically provides the extension.

4. Choose the appropriate project size.

5. Select the directory and drive where you want to save the new project file.

6. Click "Create" to close the dialog and create the new audio CD project. The Explorer view appears.

7. In the Drive Window, locate and select the files you want to load, then drag them to the Volume window. You will see that a new Audio track is created automatically for each file you drag into your Volume/Track window.

Note: You can copy tracks from an audio CD directly in your project. To do this:

  • Click the Disc/Track View button in the menu toolbar. A CD information window appears with information about the audio CD.
  • Click on session 1 in the device window (top left). The top right window will display all the tracks on the CD.
  • Then drag and drop the tracks you want to copy from the CD information window to your Volume/Track window. GEAR will create a physical image on your hard disk of all these tracks (You will be prompted for a destination on the hard disk for each track).

8. Continue to select and load tracks or files for the project until your Audio CD is finished.

9. Select the device you wish to write to in the output device panel. You may modify the settings as desired or required. You are now ready to write the project to the media.

10. Click Test to make sure no buffer underrun will occur during the actual writing. GEAR will ask you if you want to write immediately after a successful test. (If you have successfully made a disc before you may want to skip the test phase and click instead on Write).

11. Click Yes to write after testing the project.

12. Click on Close next to the GEAR project panel.

Note: If you record the tracks in more than one recording session make sure Disc fixation is disabled until the last session.

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