How to erase a CD or DVD Rewritable

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GEAR supports the creation of CD and DVD Rewritable discs. CD/DVD Rewritable (CD-RW and DVD-RW) is a technology which enables you to erase recorded information through a special erase function to empty the media, and write new data in its place. Please note that DVD+RW and DVD-RAM media are overwritable media and cannot be erased. These can just be overwritten. To erase a CD-RW or DVD-RW:

1. Insert the Re-Writable disc in the recorder.

2. Click the Erase CD button in the toolbar.

There are two options, Total erase and Quick erase. In the case of Total Erase, the complete CD-RW will be erased. Quick Erase only erases the Table Of Contents of the disc, saving a lot of erase time. In either case you can now reuse the Re-Writable for new projects.

Warning! Be sure you do not need any of the data on the CD-RW before erasing it. Erased data cannot be recovered. If you start to get read/write errors, try to do a Total Erase to see whether it will correct the problem.

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