How to make a copy of your CD/DVD disc

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Copying a CD or DVD using the "Copy CD" button from the recorder menu or menu bar is very simple. Just insert the source disc to be copied into the recorder. Then click the Copy CD button, and the Copy CD dialog will appear. Just click OK to start the copying process. If you have only one drive, the recorder is used as both reader and writer. The contents of the original disc will be stored to a temporary directory. Of course, you must have space available on your hard drive in order to store the entire contents of the disc you are copying. When all data are read you will be asked to insert a blank disc in the recorder to continue with the writing process. The temporary storage will be freed up when the copy completes. If you have two drives, one capable of reading and one capable of recording the disc in the desired format, you can copy directly from one drive to the other. In this case, you will not need to temporarily store the contents of the disc on the hard drive. This option is still available, however, if you want GEAR to read the entire disc before recording the copy. Using this method you can insure that the original is able to be read completely without errors, prior to recording the copy.

Copying DVD media is possible if you have a DVD recorder and the DVD disc is not copy protected by DCSS. Most DVD-Video discs are copy protected. On some platforms there may be problems with creating a DVD image file over 4.2 GB, due to of limitations in the operating system to create create files larger than 4.2 GB (because the number of bytes then exceeds a 32 bit integer value).

You have to make sure that you have enough temporary storage to copy the source disc to your hard drive first. This temporary storage will be used to build the image file for the destination disc.

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