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This article contains information regarding some of the issues you may experience when installing GEAR Software products or GEAR Powered Products - third party products that use the GEAR CD/DVD recording 'drivers'.



GEAR will not install because 'there are services pending deletion'

You are attempting to install or reinstall a GEAR software application on Windows and are receiving the error:


You are instructed to reboot the computer, and you seem to end up in a continuous loop.


  • This can occur when a previous version of a GEAR Software product for Windows is not correctly uninstalled. The GEAR driver set is not properly removed and updated
  • This can occur if the computer has another software application installed that uses the GEAR Software drivers.
  • This can occur if your are installing a 32-bit version of a GEAR Software product for Windows under a 64-bit operating system and GEAR's 64-bit drivers are already present on the system - possibly by a GEAR Powered Product such as iTunes for Windows or a Norton product from Symantec
    GEAR licenses our drivers to software developers for use in their products, i.e. Apple Computer's iTunes for Windows or a Norton product from Symantec.

  • Note: GEAR Software products for Windows in the v7.0x release series only provide GEAR's 32-bit drivers.

You may have to manually uninstall your GEAR drivers.

Here is a link to our article concerning this:
DRIVERS: Windows - Updating, removing, 64 bit versions, etc

GEAR setup installs another application

After downloading, installing a GEAR Software product results in a different program being installed.

The directory the GEAR installation program was downloaded to contains other software installation programs which 'confused' the GEAR Software installer.

The following should resolve the problem:

Empty the system's temporary directory (C:\Windows\Temp\)
On Win2000 and WinXP, empty the user's temporary directory (C:\Documents and Settings\[user_name]\Local Settings\Temp\)

Alternatively, unzip the installation program into a temporary directory and run setup.exe from there:

Download and install WinZip

  • Place the GEAR installation program in a temporary directory (e.g. C:\Temp\GEAR).
  • Open the temporary directory and right click the GEAR installation program.
  • Select WinZip -> Extract to here.

Once unzipped, double click setup.exe to start installing GEAR.

See Also: Drivers



To install the software please run the script 'install' in the root of the GEAR PRO UNIX installation tree.

    # ./install

This script will guide you through the installation process. The install script will first detect already installed components and if they are present the user is attended that these must be removed in order to succeed the installation of GEAR.

By default GEAR PRO UNIX will be installed in: /usr/geargui/.

Executable files will be installed in /usr/geargui/bin/.

A README file and the PDF user manual of GEAR PRO UNIX/Linux will also be installed in /usr/gear/.


To uninstall the software please run the 'deinstall' script.

    # ./deinstall

For any questions related to downloading or installing GEAR PRO UNIX, contact: or call GEAR Software's Technical Support line at +1.561.575.4327

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