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Applies to Products: GEAR CD-RW 6.0, GEAR Pro 6.0 Professional Edition, GEAR Pro 6.0 Mastering Edition

Applies to Operating Systems: All Windows

GEAR Pro starts up in an other language than desired.

The language setting in GEAR Pro's ini file is incorrect.

Quit GEAR Pro and open the gear.ini file via the GEAR Pro entry in the Start menu. Change the Language= entry under the section labled [Generic]. Select one of the following values: DE for German

  • EN for English
  • ES for Spanish
  • FR for French
  • IT for Italian
  • NL for Dutch
  • SW for Swedish

The next time GEAR PRO is started, it should be in the language set in the ini file.

Note: Be sure you have the appropriate language .dll file in the GEAR installation directory. After making the changes, save the file.

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