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Welcome to GEAR Software's CD and DVD Knowledgebase.

We have created a number of different ways to help you find what you are looking for.

  • You can use the search tool on the left. Just enter a key word or phrase, and press Go.
  • Select a category from one of the lists below. Articles may appear in more than one category.


Frequently Asked Questions - Solutions to the most frequent / current issues.


CD Burning Guides - How to use GEAR to author and burn different types of CDs.

DVD Burning Guides - How to use GEAR to author and burn DVDs.


Hardware - Hardware compatibility issues

Software - Software compatibility issues

Drive Support - Using GEAR with your CD and/or DVD drive (burner / recorder)

GEAR Product Support

GEAR CD-RW - Articles specific to GEAR CD-RW.

GEAR DVD - Articles specific to GEAR DVD.

GEAR Video - Articles specific to GEAR Video.

GEAR PRO Professional Edition - Articles specific to GEAR PRO Professional Edition.

GEAR PRO Mastering Edition - Articles specific to GEAR PRO Mastering Edition.

GEAR PRO Unix - Articles specific to GEAR PRO Unix.

GEAR PRO Linux - Articles specific to GEAR PRO Linux.

By Application

Audio - Articles specific to Audio Applications.

Video - Articles specific to Video Applications.

Data Storage - Articles specific to CD-ROM, DVD-ROM Backup / Data Storage Applications.

By Operating System

Unix - Articles specific to GEAR PRO Unix.

Linux - Articles specific to GEAR PRO Linux.

Windows - Using GEAR with any version of Windows

Windows XP - Running GEAR on Windows XP

Windows NT - Articles specific to running GEAR on Windows NT


Troubleshooting - All GEAR troubleshooting articles.


CD Burning / DVD Authoring Glossary - Definitions and explanations for many CD / DVD terms.

GEAR Products

GEAR CD-RW - Burn CDs, Burn Music and Burn CD-ROMs!

GEAR DVD - Burn DVDs and Copy DVDs…even double layer DVD discs!

GEAR Video - Transfer Digital Video to DVD and Camcorder to DVD and more!

GEAR PRO Profession Edition - Burn CD and DVD titles to multiple drives at the same time, and much much more!

GEAR PRO Mastering Edition - The professional's choice for mastering CD and DVD titles for mass replication.

GEAR PRO UNIX - The Industry Standard for Unix CD and DVD Recording!

GEAR PRO Linux - The most comprehensive DVD/CD-Recording software package for professionals under Linux

GEAR CD / DVD Burning Software Home

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