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Rock Ridge File Permissions

When creating CDs with Rock Ridge extensions on GEAR PRO Mastering for Windows, only files with the EXE and BAT extensions have their execute permission bits set.

Since Windows systems do not have the read, write, execute permission, GEAR Pro Mastering Edition for Windows makes use of some basic rules when determining what permission bits to set in the Rock Ridge extensions.

As a result, only files with EXE and BAT extensions will have the execute permission bits set. UNIX script files usually do not have these extensions and therefore do not have their execute permission bits set.

Use the CHMOD batch file command to change the permission bit settings of files loaded in an image.

The format for the command is as follows: CHMOD [-r] |

The -r option allows you to change the permissions for all files and directories recursively from the specified . Wild cards can be used in the file_spec.

This batch file command can be run from either the File|Run Batch Command menu option or from a GEAR batch file.

example: CHMOD 555 \bin\gear will result in the file gear receiving the following permissions: -r-xr-xr-x

Rock Ridge File Permissions Applied to UDF filesystem

Note: Setting Rock Ridge permissions in a GEAR PRO Mastering Edition GUI project for ISO or ISO/UDF project will also apply those attributes to the UDF filesystem.


In PME 7.03, if one changes the Rock Ridge file permissions either on a pure ISO or ISO/UDF New GEAR Project dialog:

These file permissions settings will “stick” and be applied to future PURE UDF or DVD-Video projects.

Note: One should not set Rock Ridge permissions as 000 (as indicated above), it has been confirmed that setting Rock Ridge permissions to 000 (as indicated above) in a PURE ISO GUI project, these same file/folder permissions (essentially none) are applied to future GUI:

  • PURE UDF projects
  • DVD-Video projects

Apparent Unaffected Platforms

  • Windows OS – Windows seemingly ignores Read/Write/Execute permissions on UDF discs
  • Set-top DVD-Video players – DVD players generally read the disc a DVD-Video disc, not as a file system
  • Mac OS X ‘Tiger’ – According to the reports

Known Affected Platforms

  • Mac OS X ‘Leopard’ – disc mounts to desktop as non-viewable folder for the current user – contents only viewable via su (sudo su:password), disc is playable if you start the DVD Player application as su
  • Ubuntu Studio 8.04 – disc mounts, however cannot be browsed by non-root user. VLC will play title via File > Open disc, but not File > Open Files|Browse

Suspected Affected Platforms

  • Any OS that mounts DVD-Video discs as UDF filesystem, or mounts UDF filesystems specifically with file/folder permissions, i.e. any UNIX/Linux based OS.
  • Any software player that cannot access a DVD-Video disc as a ‘whole disc’ as apposed to mounting the filesystem.

Suggested Work-around For Any Existing Discs

  • Mount/play the disc as root or su (super user) – either by su or sudo su (the latter on Mac and some Debian-based Linux systems, i.e. Ubuntu)
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