SCSI Log: How to create a 'SCSI Log' file

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Applies to Products: GEAR PRO Professional, Mastering, and GEAR PRO UNIX and GEAR PRO Linux

Applies to Operating Systems: All

Summary Getting an error and tech support needs more information. Turn on SCSI logging and email log file to tech support.

Solution Click on File|Run GEAR command and a command box should appear. In the box, type in all caps: EXITCDR [enter] SETCDRDEFAULTS SCSILOGGING TRUE [enter] INITCDR [enter]

Now SCSI logging is turned on until you close GEAR. Now click on File|Generate Log File and give the file a name.

Anything you do in GEAR will be recorded to the log file along with errors. Email that log file to tech support with a summary of what the issue may be.

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